Mantis Italian
device manufacturer

Research and development of beauty and laser equipment in the beauty and aesthetic medicine sectors.

Mantis Italia

as European equipment partner

Body Plaza Europe is one of the leading conglomerates in the therapeutic and beauty industry, therefore We found in Mantis a significant experience in the field of electronics. As from 2019 Body Plaza Europe is distributor for Mantis equipment in the Benelux and the German speaking countries. 

Who is

From the very beginning, the company’s aim has been to create cutting-edge, efficacious, easy and practical to use equipment to support the well-being of hard-working professionals.
Their headquarters are in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Italy’s medical aesthetic manufacturing district. The region where Mantis is based is the same which gave rise to legendary automotive companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini: companies which, like Mantis, have invested in passion, innovation and attention to detail.

What does Mantis provide?

When Mantis is developing a new device for the aesthetic medicine sectors, they thinks about the people who will use it. Mantis think about those who wish to achieve results in terms of their health and beauty, because everyone has the right to look their best. Mantis think about all the workers in the sector, whom they wish to provide with a simple, effective experience which meets their professional expectations. Standard including 3 years full guarantee.

Key Focus Areas

of Mantis

Medical devices

Laser: Diode HR808, dual wave laser Black Mamba & triple wave laser Trisom
Endomassage: MR991 Theramagnetic

Research & Development

Mantis Italy has its own R&D department based on many years of experience in the electronic and light field and works together with well known biophysicists in the beauty and medical fields. As a result this already brought them several European patents.

Aesthetic devices

Ultrasound & Electroporation: B•Formance-E, Essential-E
Endomassage: MR991 Theramagnetic & MR991 Compact

Quality & Certifications

Mantis has obtained “100% Made in Italy” certification from the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers. They have also obtained ISO 13485:2016 certification for the design and production of medical aesthetic devices for dermatology and physiotherapy. Every equipment is produced under the new 2020 EU CE certification rules. And delivered with a standard including 3 years full guarantee.

How can we help you?

Book your appointment with Body Plaza Europe to find a tailor-made Mantis solution for your situation. Let our experts present you with clear, targeted, and efficient solutions to maximize your success.

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