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About Body Plaza Europe

Body Plaza Europe is a dedicated European B2B supplier of quality beauty and (para)medical equipment and total concepts. Our head office is located in the Amsterdam area. In addition, we have several branches in Europe.

Body Plaza Europe develops and distributes revolutionary concepts that are used in the beauty & wellness and health & sports industry.

Every day our European partners - ranging from doctors, therapists and skin specialists - work with our concepts.

"We strive to maximize our partners' ability to focus on their clients' treatments. We unburden our partners so they can take care of their clients." - Wybe de Jong, founder and CEO

Our unique concepts

Body Plaza Europe is the supplier of equipment such as Nano CellCare and RefleX. With Nano CellCare it is possible to supply the body with hyaluronic acid, minerals from the salt from the Dead Sea and vitamin C through the skin. Due to the nanorization of these essential substances, millions of particles reach the body through nebulization down to cell level. This causes the original cell structure to be restored and nourished faster and in a natural way. A course of treatment with Nano CellCare can have a positive impact on the skin, muscles, lungs and the overall immune system. We also offer RefleX as an addition. The comfortable vibrations of this device stimulate local blood circulation and the recovery of the connective tissue.

To relieve our partners as much as possible, we offer additional extensive online and offline marketing support. We help to market the treatments with Nano CellCare and RefleX in an understandable and attractive manner, so that our partners have as much time as possible to help clients with their wishes or complaints.

Our values

We maintain sustainable relationships with our partners. This means we know how we can best support them, so that they can treat their clients optimally. It is a given for us that we are ready to answer questions personally 6 days a week. Want to know more about the benefits of doing business with Body Plaza Europe? Then read more quickly on the Become Partner page.


We strive for continuous innovation within our field. Our partners at home and abroad play an important role in this. With their practical stories, they inspire us with new ideas and we can improve our current services.


We are proud of our unique and patented Nano Healthcare technology. Body Plaza Europe works exclusively with equipment of 100% European quality. We are a committed supplier and are the only one to offer a full 5-year manufacturer's warranty on all professional treatment equipment.

What gives us energy

We work hard on our mission: empowering people by improving their self-healing ability. We enable doctors and health experts to offer innovative and natural treatments that can complement regular care.

Charged for the future

Nanotechnology has become an indispensable part of our daily lives and will become increasingly important in beauty & wellness and health & sports in the coming years. This technology offers more and more natural options for people who suffer from physical and mental complaints.

Do you also want to offer clients better solutions using nanotechnology in your exclusive service area? Please contact us now via the form below or call +31 297 74 35 72. We are happy to tell you more about how you integrate the concept into your company.

About Body Plaza Europe

Body Plaza Europe is a dedicated European B2B supplier of high-quality beauty and (para)medical equipment and total concepts.


Discover the different locations and their story with the solutions and services of Body Plaza Europe.


We continuously train and guide partners in the use of our professional treatment equipment.


Medic Activ Vertriebs GmbH has been developing aerosol technologies for many years, including the application of nanotechnology.

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